Engage with Change Healthcare Experts and Better Use Our APIs

By Serrah Linares posted 04-02-2021 01:57 PM


I’m often asked by engineers and product managers how do I start using Change Healthcare APIs and who do I go to with questions. That’s exactly why we built this community – for you to learn, engage and more easily and quickly get your questions answered.

The online Community will give you with access to:

  • The ability to ask questions, share best practices and connect with Change Healthcare product experts and peers.
  • Product tips, tricks and advice designed to save you time and increase your efficiency.
  • Thought leadership content that delivers timely information and educational opportunities to help you improve financial performance.
  • API documentation and education resources

Our product managers and industry experts have curated content for you that will help you get started with Change Healthcare and with navigating the complexity of healthcare data and interoperability. They will be standing by to engage with you as you have topics of discussion and questions.

Some of our community members are new to healthcare, while some are practically experts themselves having worked with healthcare information for years. We encourage everyone to really make this community your own. Your communication and collaboration are essential to our continued improvement in how we support developers in healthcare, drive enhancements for our products, and bring more API’s to our marketplace.

We hope you will find the community rewarding and useful as a place to engage in knowledge sharing, sharpen your skills. We're looking forward to it and are glad you're here. Thank you.