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  • My favorite thing about my job is helping my team make a difference, not only for our clients but for Change Healthcare. We are the face of our company. Working with my team, Provider Account Management, we are dedicated to the overall client relationship and it is truly fulfilling. I'm here to help support the team in their efforts to be the best they can be in their role. I’ve been with the Change Healthcare organization for the past 21 plus years and I’ve experienced the organizational growth ...

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  • Posted in: Enterprise Imaging

    This month we would like to introduce Tomer Levy, VP/GM for Enterprising Imaging. Tomer Levy comes with over 20 years of experience in Healthcare IT and specifically Enterprise Imaging. In the different roles in his career, he led large scale development organization to deliver innovative solutions in Enterprise Imaging to healthcare providers around the world. In his current role Tomer serves as VP of Engineering for Change Healthcare’s Enterprise Imaging group. In this role Tomer leads the ...

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  • Posted in: Enterprise Imaging

    When COVID-19 hit, the "Think, Plan, Act" motto evaporated and the Healthcare IT spectrum had to "Act, Think, Plan". Amid this pandemic, hospitals and IDNs scrambled to relocate Radiologists and Cardiologists to work from home, shift go-live plans, and determine how they would get support from their vendors to meet these challenges. I am proud to be part of an amazing Enterprise Imaging team at Change Healthcare who met this challenge with innovation and creativity at every turn. The importance ...

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