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  • My favorite thing about my job is helping my team make a difference, not only for our clients but for Change Healthcare. We are the face of our company. Working with my team, Provider Account Management, we are dedicated to the overall client relationship and it is truly fulfilling. I'm here to help support the team in their efforts to be the best they can be in their role. I’ve been with the Change Healthcare organization for the past 21 plus years and I’ve experienced the organizational growth ...

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  • The Top Three Questions from Our Customers #1 How do I manage my password? Password maintenance drives up to 50% of support calls for some products. To alleviate, we’re bringing self-service password maintenance to our customers who will no longer call for this. We’ll send a password reset to their email on file, and they’ll use a secure link to reset passwords. Office and C&DA password self-service is in production with great customer feedback. We’ll soon launch it for other RCM ...

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