The Top Three Questions from Our Customers

By David Irvin posted 17 days ago


The Top Three Questions from Our Customers


#1  How do I manage my password?

Password maintenance drives up to 50% of support calls for some products. To alleviate, we’re bringing self-service password maintenance to our customers who will no longer call for this. We’ll send a password reset to their email on file, and they’ll use a secure link to reset passwords. Office and C&DA password self-service is in production with great customer feedback. We’ll soon launch it for other RCM products like Assurance and Clearance.

By reducing password maintenance calls, our support teams have more time to focus on tickets that require SME knowledge to resolve. The easier it is for our customers to self-serve in those areas, the better the entire customer experience will be. By rolling out automation and self-service items, customers who have feature functionality questions or break/fix issues get the attention they deserve.


#2  Can you help me with a missing ERA?

We use quick-find tools to provide customers missing electronic remittance advice (ERA) when they call, and we’re working to give customers information about payer ETA behavior so they’ll know when to expect ERAs. This system will prevent calls on days two and three for ERAs we know take six or seven days. The process lifecycle gives customers visibility from the patterns and trends we see from the payers and should reduce calls seeking updates as well as educate our customers for future needs.

In addition, we’ll monitor payer ERA processing delays and notify providers when they occur. Occasionally, payer issues outside our control occur, and providers reactively call us for information. To alleviate this, we’re giving them visibility into delays from the payer side and communicating real-time delays to providers. This way, we proactively pursue updates from payers so we’ll know when their systems are available and delays mitigated. From the lens of the customer, it’s frustrating to have to call to understand when their ERAs will be ready.

Lastly, we’re building infrastructure to handle ERA processing regardless of transaction volume.


#3  Can support help me with an enrollment issue?

Customers often call with enrollment issues that can significantly impact claim submission and dropped ERAs. To help, we’re modifying our enrollment process to reduce high-frequency causes of support cases. For example, if we flag claims with evidence of enrollment issues, such as unknown tax ID, we can fix it before sending claims to the payer. We want to resolve issues like that because it leads to denied claims. Flagging and resolving issues before claim submission benefits all parties vs. correcting and resubmitting failed claims. Another solution is to use an Revenue Performance Advisor (RPA) product to process dropped ERAs.

In conclusion, these enhancements improve the Enterprise Customer Care (ECC) experience.  We strive to exceed customer expectations each time we engage and provide proactive insights. Our world-class team improves the customer experience. We’ll soon launch a revolutionary Customer Hub experience where customers engage with us. Not everyone wants to pick up the phone, so we’re providing channels for live chat, self-service, the Community site, and other portals to access information for commonly asked questions and self-service needs. Through investments in technology and process improvement, we’ll provide a consistent experience across our product portfolios.

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