Thought Leadership Blogs

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Dear community members, Welcome to your new Change Healthcare Community! Over the past 12 months, our community team has been hard at work to roll out a platform that can easily facilitate peer-to-peer interaction, recognition of best practices, knowledge exchange, and celebrating your success. Our community value is driven by your participation and contributions and I would like to encourage you to ask questions, share your knowledge, provide feedback, and connect with your peers. As a first step, please complete your profile and watch our community welcome video to better familiarize yourself with the new platform. I would also like to introduce you to your community team that has been working behind the scenes to launch our new platform. Aslan Noghre-kar: I’m responsible for our Enterprise Community ...
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This is where we will host our thought leadership blogs. As we launch our Community our blogs will be comprised of thought leadership articles from our Change Healthcare employees. As we advance, we want to open up our blog posting to other members of our community. If you are interested in being a blog author, message me, and we can chat!