What Are You Passionate About?

By Denise Junkin posted 07-01-2021 05:04 PM


My name is Denise Junkin and I am a part of the Revenue Cycle Management Product Management team at Change Healthcare with a primary focus on product launches.  My focus on launch management means I get the opportunity to work with product managers designing or growing our products as we respond to our clients’ needs.  I manage the process of getting that new product, service, or enhancement to you, our users.  Many times, that starts by defining the prototype or beta process for our client test users to provide feedback that help shape new products.  The beta time period drives many launch initiatives and involves many of our internal teams.  We work together with our test users to create and test the actual product as well as give feedback on our training and help documentation, marketing messages, sales materials, implementation and support processes, billing rules, and sales plans.  Some days it feels like juggling and other days it’s like putting together a really great puzzle.  I guess you could say that most days I juggle a puzzle.    

I am passionate about solving problems and creating workflow efficiencies for our users. I love getting to work with our clients.  I am able to participate in discovering the pain points our users experience and taking the solution to those problems and put it into our users hands.  It is exciting and rewarding to be part of the product lifecycle process, from concept to delivery, where I get to help our users through an improved product experience.  My hope is that I’m making our users’ day better!    

Outside of work, I love spending time with my family, which now includes a dog we adopted last year. I also enjoy being outdoors, camping, kayaking, and tennis – both watching and playing.  Most recently, I’ve spent many evenings cheering in my living room for my favorites at the French Open.

I’d love to hear what you are passionate about, even if it’s not tennis. 😊 I’d also love to know if you are interested in joining me for user feedback sessions for new products or features.  We have many opportunities that range from being a partner during the development time period to testing out a feature that we’ve already completed.  Your feedback is incredibly valuable and as a bonus, you’ll get a sneak peek at new products or features.  Be on the look-out for Community posts listing future user feedback or beta opportunities.