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One thing that I find quite intriguing is our mind's inability to accept chaos. If you haven’t noticed this mental phenomenon by now it might be worth a glance. You might notice that the mind has a constant need to draw conclusions and interpret every single event or circumstance it faces. This is a defense mechanism that makes us feel safe because it is the ‘not knowing’ that scares us the most.

When we don’t know we assume. But, ironically enough, it is this need to always be making assumptions that can be dangerous.

None of us know what tomorrow will bring. In fact, none of us even know forsure if there will be a tomorrow. It’s a scary thought that has had me running to hide beneath the bedcovers many times before, yet, it has also been the seed of incredibly liberating and powerful thoughts. Feelings that have caused me to leap out of bed and dance in the rain.

Why? Because we have nothing to worry about. If we don’t know, there is no logic left in worrying. The only thing left is possibility, and that excites me. This concept has taken me some time to fully grasp because it completely challenges the natural tendency of our thinking mind.

We are standing on a spec of dust in the middle of the universe, do we really have time to worry about whether or not everything will be okay in 3 months from now or  what people we don’t even know think about us?  

The sun will rise tomorrow morning and the moon will still be there, no matter what you do and no matter what you don’t do. The laws of nature will take care of everything, including us, – just as it has done for millennia. So, worrying about what is to come is precious time and energy wasted.

Planning for the future is a practical and very necessary task, but the only thing that really matters is what is happening right in front of you. The only problem is that the present moment isn’t significant to the mind, it is convinced there are far more important ‘things’ to worry about. The truth is, the most significant thing that has ever happened to you is happening right now!

As Eckhart Tolle says in his incredible book The Power of Now, we only really have the present and it is all we will ever have.

So, in the absence of knowing what will happen a year from now, a day from now, even an hour or a minute from now, all we can do is embrace the unknown and enjoy the ride. This is where your perception becomes crystal clear.

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